We aim to to create a culture, that is based on core values with the change approach that spreads from inside to outside, from individual to the group, from group to the corportate culture.


We help individuals turn their good intentions into good results. Our main goal is to provide action, not to be informed, to support them in creating the desire and motivation for this. Taking Henry Clausen's word as a professional motto, we say "It is best learned from people who are also in the learning process".

A company's culture has enough influence on behaviors that affect all practices.

In order to understand the culture in transformation studies, it is important to bring together perceptions with facts, to prioritize the areas to be measured and developed, especially for the healthy functioning of the strategy and organization.

The culture of an organization and the general leadership approaches of managers are one of the most important issues in terms of creating and reflecting the culture and strengthening the loyalty of the employees. As Adisa, we design and implement Leadership Development Programs, taking into account the needs of institutions in line with their future vision and strategies.

We believe that leadership has an aspect that can be developed as well as a personality-related dimension. It enriches leadership and culture in an attitude that allows the management of diversity and difference, while understanding, developing and leading culture. In this sense, as Adisa, it is our priority to support leaders in terms of methods, to enrich their team bags and to ensure the sustainability of actions that can turn into action.

With our leadership and cultural approach; we ensure the creation of a common culture and common communication language, develop team spirit and identity, strengthen internal communication, increase loyalty to the company, improve employee motivation and well-being, support work-private life balance, and gain competencies to prepare institutions for the future.


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